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Tensile Testing
Tensile testing of polyethylene pipe joints provides regular monitoring of joint performance. The service is often used in conjunction with a technical training program. (i.e. non-metallic service & main laying.) natgasban.gif (811 bytes)  

       Gas Quality & Analysis

Technical Training


Apply for courses leading to NVQ qualifications in subjects such as portable appliances (gas detectors).Courses are tailored to your requirements. For more information call or email us using the contact link below.

       Leakage Control and Gas Detection
       Meter Fraud



Pipeline Material Identification



Identify pipeline materials or deposits with ease, Scienco provide a comprehensive service with time scales to meet your requirements. Using techniques such as electron microscopy, complex materials are identified in just a few hours. For further information look to our news letter on sulphidation.

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Scienco, created from the former British Gas Scientific Services we provide scientific support to industrial and commercial users throughout the world. Decades of experience and unrivalled expertise is at your disposal, simply follow the links or contact us to find out more.