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Do you have a problem with black deposits in your copper carcass?

Although at first sight this black dust may appear to be quite harmless, it is a starting to cause big problems throughout the UK.

Produced by a reaction between trace amounts of hydrogen sulphide in natural gas, and domestic copper pipe work. The thin, shiny, black flakes of copper sulphide break off to be carried along the pipe and into gas appliances, where they accumulate in valves, filters and injectors.

It is estimated that 21,000 properties may be affected in the UK.

What can you do to prevent this problem? 

Well unfortunately nothing, however at the present time this number represents less than 0.2% of all domestic installations and is almost random in its appearance.

If you require further information on the  nature and mechanisms of the process, or wish to have your deposit identified follow the contact link, or call on 0845 6039053.


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