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A new perspective on an old problem

Ever since pipelines were installed, the need to test their integrity by means of a pressure test has presented the fabricator with a problem.

what do you do when it fails?

Do you adopt the following non-routine procedure or something like it?

For obvious reasons the last thing you want to do is admit there is a problem! So repeat the test in the hope that if you do it again, it will turn into a faulty test and not a failed one.

Repeat several times and if this is not successful, change the gauge.

  • If this doesnt work, blame the subee and start digging in all those awkward places.

  • If this fails to find the problem, start cutting the system into halves until you stumble upon the root of the problem.

  • And before you know it the site looks like the "Somme" with the delays and costs starting to spiral.

A Simple Solution

For almost 30 years, there has been a simple solution to the problem of tracing air leaks. Tiny amounts of Sulphur Hexafluoride are introduced with the compressed air and using a very sensitive detector the area can be surveyed in minutes. With the leak pin pointed, one excavation can be made to solve the problem.

Cost savings

Often up to 2 miles of pipeline can be surveyed in one day, with the cost equating to that of one excavation.

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