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Water Ingress
Oil and Gas Services

In certain situations the ingress of water into the gas transportation system is of great concern. To detect such leaks specialised equipment is required. Scienco provide a comprehensive water ingress service including the use of cctv to locate the exact location of the problem. (more)...

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Scienco has been at the forefront of gas conditioning in the UK for the past 15 years, providing monitoring, analysis and advice. A complete service including the maintenance and servicing of plant is available. (more)...

Welding Fume and Gas Free Certification

Prior to entries into confined spaces or for the purging of flammable gas systems, additional assistance and equipment may be required. Many industries request a gas free certificate is issued prior to hot work commencing and Scienco provide chemists who are trained in issuing these and offer free advice when required. (more)...

Scienco, created from the former British Gas Scientific Services provide scientific support to industrial and commercial users throughout the world. Decades of experience and unrivalled expertise is at your disposal - simply follow the links or contact us to find out more.


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