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X-am 3000
 X-am 3000 is an innovative 3- or 4 gas warning-device. A small and lightweight instrument, it reliably monitors H2S, CO, O2 and combustible gases and vapours in ambient air.
A large display enables the easy identification of the measured values. The simple 3-button operation and an easy to use menu ensure intuitive operation.
Pre-calibrated electrochemical sensors, and the catalytic sensor are automatically recognised and provide precise and reliable measuring results.
In addition to a very loud audible alarm and a bright visual alarm, a vibrating alarm is integrated in the instrument.
A life signal assures full functionality of the instrument without a visual check by the operator. Even if the peak value disappeared before it could get registered, the X-am 3000 can recall all maximum values. When using a defined gas mixture, the instrument can be calibrated by pressing a single button.
An optional internal pump with a 10 m (33 ft.) tubing is ideal for confined space applications. A convenient pump adaptor makes is easy to switch between pump and diffusion modes.
Its compact design combined with state of the art electronics ensures that it is ideally suited for gas detection requirements in all applications and industries.
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