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Apprentice - Scientific Services Trainee

Please contact us if you are interested in apply for an apprenticeship working within a laboratory setting.

Scienco work across many industries and are involved in activities ranging from routine monitoring and analysis to detailed investigations and basic research. As an apprentice you’ll train initially as a junior laboratory technician learning practical scientific skills and tasks.

The nature of your work will be varied including:

  • cleaning and maintaining the laboratory and associated equipment

  • preparing and delivering samples

  • using a wide range of laboratory equipment and tools

  • the analysis of discharge water samples for: COD, suspended solids, pH & conductivity

  • analysis of antifreeze samples for glycol content and corrosion inhibitors

  • analysis of mono ethylene glycol by automatic thermal desorption

  • gas analysis by chromatography for major and minor components including natural gas odorant

  • on-site sampling and analysis

  • forensic testing of gas meters

  • workplace and environmental noise measurements

  • using and calibration gas detection equipment

  • investigating suspected gas escapes

  • advising on gas quality matters

You will also have some responsibility for the ordering and controlling laboratory supplies and making sure laboratory equipment is clean and in good working order. You will be required to learn the fundamentals of science; develop laboratory and other skills and take a qualification in applied science. Completion of an Advanced Apprenticeship will lead to further qualifications or possibly higher education.

Once qualified, you will be in a position to apply for a Scientific Officers position should one become available.

gas detection
asset management
water quality
forensic Testing
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laboratory analysis
environmental support
contaminated land
occupational hygiene
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gas quality
leakage control
technical services
gas free entry checks
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