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 Welcome to Scienco Limited "providing science with a smile"
Formerly British Gas Scientific Services, Scienco is a technical, chemical and environmental consultancy and service provider. Please browse the site for more information and feel free to contact us for no obligation advice.

Laboratory Services &     Equipment

To meet rigorous environmental legislation, increase in product quality, of for what ever reason, the analytical section of Scienco, is available to assist you.  Services include:

waters, gases, soils, sludge, asbestos, contaminated land, deposits, lead in paint, cooling waters ,boiler waters, biological testing mono ethylene glycol (MEG), antifreeze, paints, GC-MS screens and targeted scanning, electron microscopy, corrosion inhibitors, metallurgy, forensic analysis, odorant analysis, natural gas PG gases, calorific value, gas physical properties material testing, occupational hygiene vapours, dusts & mists.... (more)...


Gas Detection            Equipment

Scienco offer a complete gas detection service. Including: purchase, hire, repair, calibration and even borrowing on occasion.  

Instruments include the detection of flammable gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide and many more..

For more information follow the link. (more)...

New Bumptest - Depot Check Station


Noise and Building    Acoustics

High levels of noise may present health problems to individuals and is increasingly being regarded as a source of pollution. It is therefore important to measure environmental noise levels and an individual's exposure.

Scienco undertake environmental surveys, monitoring natural pre-installation background levels, enabling the requirements for noise attenuation to be assessed. A complete noise service is supplied to clients that provides guidance with current legislation.

For more information on the types of surveys undertaken follow the link. (more)..Building Noise and associated acoustic surveys. Find out more about the services on offer.. Includes Sound Insulation in Buildings and of building Elements BS EN ISO 140-7:1998, BS4142 1997 Method for Rating Industrial Noise Affecting Mixed Residential and Industrial Areas & PPG24

24 hour National Local Call Advice Line -  0845 6039053

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