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Changes is Moisture measurement

In certain situations the ingress of water into the gas transportation system is of great concern. To detect such leaks specialised equipment is required. Scienco provide a comprehensive water ingress service including the use of cctv to locate the exact location of the problem.

Applications for to moisture measurement include:

  • testing of supplies to gas compressors
  • dry down of impulse lines
  • certification following hydraulic testing
  • surreys designed to trace of water ingress
  • water content analysis for fiscal metering purposes

For more information relating to these or any other moisture measurement application call of local call advice line on 0845 6039053.

Change of Emphasis in the UK

In recent times the policy relating to moisture measurement in the UK has changed. The following document explains Scienco's view of removal of the wet gas administration scheme in the UK. 


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