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   Landfill Ste Investigations  - Flux Box Testing

"Flux box monitoring of methane emissions from the surface of permitted or licensed landfill sites is of growing interest to site operators."

Methane emissions through the cap of a landfill need to be monitored as an integral part of demonstrating compliance with the Landfill Directive, and in particular to:

  • identify faults in the gas management system at a site and prioritise the remediation required;

  • quantify the total emissions of this important greenhouse gas from the site as a whole.

The Monitoring guidance applies to:

  • filled and restored phases of an operational or closed landfill with a permanent cap;

  • temporarily capped zones of an operational landfill not currently accepting wastes and not expected to do so within three months.

The monitoring of emissions through a landfill cap has two stages.

  • Initially, a simple survey demonstrates whether there are inadequacies in the gas containment and collection system. Only when these deficiencies have been located and remedied such that the concentration of gas above the surface is low is it appropriate to begin a quantitative survey of surface flux.

  • Subsequently, the flux of methane emitted through the intact cap is measured at a number of representative points using an array of flux boxes. From these individual measurements, the average flux from the capped zones is calculated. This identifies where the gas flux exceeds an emission standard set by the Environment Agency.

For more information on: monitoring services; supply or hire of boxes; and free advice call:   0845 6039053

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