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Gas Free Certification

Gas Free Certificates

Prior to hot work commencing in hazardous areas many industries request a gas free certificate to be issued. Scienco still have qualified and experienced chemists who are trained in issuing these. Today some industries now look to authorised gas testers to perform the same activity; however, caution must be taken if the process is complicated and the tester is unfamiliar with the process. "Anyone can be trained to used a gas detector," but the issuing of gas and vapour free certificates can require the skills of an analytical chemist or occupational hygienist.

If you are unsure, feel free to call our free advice line on: 0845 6039053.


Our clients include:  Gas Transporters, Ship Operators, LNG Terminals, Gas Distribution Networks and many more...

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Scienco technical services operates in partnership with you the customer.  The varied services have been developed over many years ensuring quality and technical competency. Follow the links or contact us to find out more.

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