Air Tightness Testing

Architects and small developers, if you are looking for Air tightness testing or: Pressure Testing; Air Permeability testing; air leakage testing of residential buildings as it is also known, Give us a call.

With global warming forming highlighting the significance of energy efficiency and conservation the Building Regulations April 2006 part L1A states that all new dwellings must demonstrate they are airtight to the required standard. Too much air leakage leads to heat loss resulting in higher fuel usage and heating costs. The associated increase in carbon dioxide emissions leads to increases in global warming and therefore ‘Part L’ of the new building regulations is intended to reduce these.


To comply with the regulations, all newly built homes must undergo a mandatory Air Permeability test prior to occupation.  Air tightness testing also allows the reduction in unwanted drafts.

Scienco with 25 years experience in the scientific and environmental services industry offer the testing along with its building acoustic testing as a comprehensive range of

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