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Laboratory Services & EquipmentLaboratory analysis test tubes

Scienco’s Bristol and Birmingham based laboratory services provide analytical and diagnostic resources to industrial and commercial organisations.  Scienco also offers a Health, Safety and Environmental consultancy providing your business with a full management solution. With over 30 years experience and operating both nationally and internationally, Scienco has become the first choice for many looking to out-source their laboratory analysis. Many of our services comply with ISO 17025 and include: waters, gases, soils, sludge, asbestos, contaminated land, deposits, lead in paint, cooling waters ,boiler waters, biological testing mono ethylene glycol (MEG), antifreeze, paints, GC-MS screens and targeted scanning, electron microscopy, corrosion inhibitors, metallurgy, forensic analysis, odorant analysis, natural gas, LPG gases, calorific value, gas physical properties material testing, occupational hygiene vapours, dusts & mists.... (more)...

Gas Detection-UK Launched

Gas Detection UK - X-Zone Darlek

Scienco announces the launch of its brand new initiative called Gas Detection-UK. Our aim is to simplify the UK gas detector supply market and to assist both users and trainers. Our services include:

  • free advice and consultation

  • full independent product reviews and testing;

  • authorised gas tester training for confined spaces, purging & hot-work testing;

  • sensor selection and much more

If you are looking for simple, safe, gas detector advice and services, please follow the link to find out more. Alternatively give us a call now on our free advice line on:

 0845 6039053

or link to

Noise and Building Acoustics    Building Noise

High levels of noise can present problems to health and is increasingly regarded as a source of pollution. It is therefore important to measure both environmental and workplace noise levels.

We undertake environmental surveys, monitoring both ambient pre-installation background levels and post-construction, enabling the requirements for noise attenuation to be assessed. A complete noise service is supplied to clients providing guidance with current legislation.

For more information on the types of surveys available including: Workplace and personal dose measurements; Building Noise and associated acoustic surveys to BS EN ISO 140-7:1998; BS4142 1997 Method for Rating Industrial Noise Affecting Mixed Residential and Industrial Areas & PPG24; follow the link: more.


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